VancoWrimo offers lots of write-in opportunities during the Nano season, but we also like to offer special events to keep things interesting while we all work on our 50K novels. That’s why this year we’re celebrating the weekend with Special Saturday events, a series of unique write-ins that only happen once this month.

We kicked off our Special Saturdays series with an awesome Sushi Write-In at Kushi Mura Izakaya at the New Westminster SkyTrain station on November 2. With a great turnout, lots of yummy food, and many words and ideas flowing, our first Special Saturday was a success and we hope the others will follow suit.

November 9 is NaNoWriMo’s Double-Up Donation Day, so we’re doubling the fun with two writing groups uniting for a Bubble Tea Write-In from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Sunflower Bubble Tea (5125 Joyce Street, Vancouver). Our VancoWrimo group will be joined by a NaNoWriMo group from Washington, USA. It’s rare to have a group of writers travel to another region during Nano, so be sure to come and check out this extra special event. If you’re interested in coming, please RSVP on either the Facebook event or the home region event listing so we know how many people to expect. Hope to see you there!

On November 16, we’re taking to the rails with our popular Transit Write-In from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This unique write-in takes place on the SkyTrain with a train car full of wrimos. Starting from the Waterfront Station, we’ll ride a loop along the Expo Line, break for lunch, and then hop on the Canada Line to go to Richmond. This year, we’re extending the write-in with additional writing time at Richmond Centre after. This is sure to be an awesome opportunity to get those word counts up, enjoy some great Lower Mainland scenery, and get to know your fellow wrimos. If you’re interested in coming, please RSVP on either the Facebook event or the home region event listing so we know how many people to expect. We usually get a good turnout for this event, so we hope you’ll join us!

There are two more Special Saturdays coming up, November 23 and 30, but we’ll wait until it’s a bit closer to the date to announce those. Can’t spoil the surprise too early, can we?

So grab your writing gear, fill up on writer fuel, and come join us for some fun-filled Saturdays!