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We’re almost at the finish line!

Did you see that? That was November flying by in a blur as we rapidly approach the end of NaNoWriMo!

It’s been a really busy month with VancoWrimo. We’ve had write-ins and events all across the Lower Mainland, so many words have been written in our region, and lots of local Wrimos are hitting the 50,000-word win! If you’re not there yet, we’ve still got one final week to hit that amazing goal.


Our usual weekly write-ins are all happening during this last week.

We have Come Write Ins at local libraries in Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Port Moody, and North Vancouver.

There are coffee shop and dining write-ins in Coquitlam, New Westminster, and Vancouver.

If there isn’t a write-in in your area, feel free to host one. You can post your write-in ideas on the VancoWrimo Facebook page or on the Vancouver region page on the NaNoWriMo website.


This weekend has lots of events happening!

On Saturday, November 30, MLs Castrom and Swaitbee host the Last Minute Write-In at Railtown Café (429 Granville Street, Vancouver), an opportunity for Wrimos to get those last-minute words in before the end of November.

In the evening, ML Castrom hosts the Last Ditch Write-In near Brentwood Mall in Burnaby from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. It’ll be a five-hour, pyjama party, writing marathon. Check the Facebook event for more details and to RSVP.

In the IRC, ML Swatibee hosts a Virtual Last Ditch Write-In from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. It’s your last chance to check out this lively chatroom during NaNoWriMo and cheer on your fellow Wrimos to their 50K win!

Then on Sunday, December 1, all of us Wrimos get to celebrate at the Thank Goodness It’s Over party at Boston Pizza in Columbia Square (1045 Columbia Street, New Westminster). Come talk about your novel, what you liked about this year’s NaNoWriMo, or just enjoy some great food. We’ll have a raffle for lots of amazing prizes, including several time travel-themed items to match the 2019 NaNoWriMo theme!

A week of creativity and community

This past week has been an amazing opportunity to get to know the VancoWrimo community and some of our neighbours to the south! Our MLs have hosted several write-ins across the Lower Mainland, along with local libraries and a few wrimos who took on hosting duties.

Port Moody Public Library held their Come Write In on Monday, November 4. The library provided word prompts, a selection of books for inspiration, suggestions for finding plots, a contest, and more for attendees. This write-in is great for those looking for an idea-generating writing session in a quiet space. The next PMPL write-in will be on Monday, November 18.

ML Castrom hosted a write-in at Blenz Coffee in Vancouver on Monday, November 4. The next Blenz write-in will be on Monday, November 11.

Wrimo Allison hosted a morning write-in at Honolulu Coffee in Vancouver and wrimo Andrew held an evening write-in in the dining area of Whole Foods Market in Vancouver on Tuesday, November 5. Both write-ins will happen again on Tuesday, November 12.

North Vancouver District Public Library held their Come Write In on Tuesday, November 5. The next NVDPL write-in will be on Wednesday, November 13.

ML DSL hosted Come Write In at the Burnaby Public Library Tommy Douglas Branch on Wednesday, November 6. There were lots of eager wrimos in attendance, all working away on their novels. The IRC chatroom was very entertaining during this write-in, with several participants laughing out loud over comments made in the chat. Participants got NaNoWriMo stickers for attending, which have already appeared on some wrimos’ laptops. The next BPL write-in will be on Wednesday, November 13.

Maple Ridge Public Library held their Come Write In on Thursday, November 7.  The next MRPL write-in will be on Thursday, November 14.

ML Bydaylight hosted a write-in at Waves Coffee House in New Westminster on Thursday, November 7. The next Waves write-in hosted by ML Bydaylight will be on Thursday, November 14.

ML CreativeCheryl hosted a write-in at Coffeeholic in Coquitlam on Friday, November 8. It was a lively write-in with good conversation, warm drinks, and lots of writing. The next Coffeeholic write-in will be on Friday, November 15.

On Saturday, November 9, we had an amazing time at the Bubble Tea Write-In at Sunflower Bubble Tea and got to meet writers from the Snohomish County, Washington group, NaNoSnoCo, who call themselves Snow Cones. We filled up a good part of the restaurant, wrote lots of words, drank bubble tea, and enjoyed a variety of tasty meals. The wrimos and Snow Cones discussed life in their Nano regions, such as what their write-ins are like, how they stay motivated during November, and what their Nano plans are for this month. Special thanks go to VancoWrimo ML Castrom and Snow Cones ML StephanieRidiculous, who coordinated this international event!

ML DSL hosted Come Write In at the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch on Sunday, November 10. This popular write-in drew a crowd as usual, including some of our new friends from NaNoSnoCo. The next VPL write-in happens Sunday, November 17.

Wrimo Tanya hosted the long-running write-in at Waves Coffee House in New Westminster on Sunday, November 10. The next Waves write-in hosted by Tanya will be on Sunday, November 17.

For more information about our write-ins and events, check out the VancoWrimo Facebook group or the Vancouver region events page on the new NaNoWriMo website.

Nano 2019 is off to a great start!

Our VancoWrimo group has hosted a variety of events and write-ins across the Lower Mainland this past week!

We started the Nano season with our popular Kick Off Event at Moose’s Down Under in Vancouver on Sunday, October 27. There were lots of happy wrimos in attendance chatting about their upcoming novel projects, enjoying great food, and trying to win plot bunnies from the Wheel of Fortune. Huge thanks to wrimos Rob, Tanya, Sophia, Allison, and Megan, who helped out with the event.

Our first write-in of November was ML Swatibee’s Virtual Write-In in the IRC chatroom on Friday, November 1. This write-in saw a lot of participation from local and non-local wrimos who enjoyed the active chatroom’s word wars, writing sprints, and raptor games. Be sure to check out the next Virtual Write-In on Friday, November 8! For information on how to access the IRC, check out the Chatroom post.

Also on Friday, ML CreativeCheryl hosted a write-in at Coquitlam’s Coffeeholic, a cozy little coffee shop located near the Lougheed Mall SkyTrain station. The shop had wi-fi and outlets available for laptop users and lots of food and drink options to keep wrimos going. Can’t decide between the IRC write-in and this one? Why not do both! Bring your laptop and join your fellow wrimos in person and online on Friday, November 8.

Our first Special Saturday event was the Sushi Write-In, which took place at Kushi Mura Izakaya at the New Westminster SkyTrain station on November 2. We had a great turnout with lots of wrimos enjoying the restaurant’s generous meal servings and getting in some quality writing time. Our next Special Saturday event will be the Bubble Tea Write-In at Sunflower Bubble Tea in Vancouver on November 9, where we’ll be joined by NaNoWriMo participants from Washington state.

On Sunday, November 3, we had the Waves Coffee Write-In with Tanya in New Westminster and the Vancouver Public Library Write-In with ML DSL at the Central Branch location. Both are weekly events in quiet rooms where lots of writing gets done. Check them out next Sunday, November 10!

Countdown to November

The countdown is on! Less than 24-hours remain until Nanowrimo 2015. Are you ready yet?


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