VancoWrimo hosts an online chat room for our members to meet up online. For those not familiar with IRC, this is essentially a very large Instant Messenger group chat, where people can join different channels (rooms) and talk to whoever is there. It takes very little to get started – just click a link, fill in a couple fields about how you want to appear in the chat, and you’re off! For people who want a little more out of the experience, you are free to download an IRC client you don’t hate and join the server directly.

Before you Begin (All users)

Make sure you have read our IRC Guidelines before connecting. Because NaNoWriMo is open to users of many age and it is possible to join other region’s rooms, we must ask that all users read our guidelines, to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone connecting. Channel operators (users with a star or @ beside their name) have the power to remove and/or ban you from channels if you do not comply with the guidelines.

Chat Room Info

There are two ways to connect to the chat room. You can use the following link to connect through your web browser, or you can connect manually (see below).

Click here to register your nick. Please use the same nick as your NaNo account including capital letters. Any spaces become hyphens.

>> Once you have registered, log in here <<

If the above link isn’t working, try this alternative one.


For those who are manually connecting to IRC:


Channel: #VancoWrimo


If you registered above and are connecting manually, you will need to identify with nickserv when you log into the server. To do that, use /nickserv identify [password] (without the brackets).


Code of Conduct: 

  • Please keep the chat appropriate for all ages: keep language clean and do not link not safe for work content
  • Be respectful of others: do not use hate, make sexist or racist comments, or use otherwise hurtful remarks to any user.
  • Spamming and flooding is not permitted.


Basic IRC Help: 

/join [#channelname] : Joins a channel, for example, /join #VancoWrimo would join our channel.

/nick [nickname] : Changes your nickname, for example, /nick November would change your nick to November.

/msg [nickname] [text] : Sends a private message to the nickname. /msg timmy throw a fridge please would send the message “throw a fridge please” to Timmy.

/help : More information about IRC commands provided by the server.

/quit : Disconnects from IRC


Here are some IRC Clients:

Chatzilla is a firefox add-on that functions like its own application.

X-Chat is a free stand alone IRC program.

MIRC is a paid IRC program but it gives you a 30-day free trial.

AndChat is an android IRC client.