If you’ve been on our chat room, you may have noticed someone lurking in the chat going by the name of Timmy. (Or in some cases, Jimmy. Or, if matters are desperate, even Kimmy.) He sits in the channel, and waits for people to boss him around. Though sometimes, when he is bored, he’ll do stuff on his own initiative.

Commands usually begin with a ! and a word or two that describe its function, or what you want him to do.

  • When you see < and > in a command description, that indicates a single parameter with no spaces and when you enter the command, you don’t use the<>.
  • When you see [ and ] in a command description, that means anything inside is an optional parameter – Timmy can safely ignore those ones.
  • When you see . . . in a command description, that means you can have as many parameters as you like!

Timmy’s Command List

Word War commands:

  • !startwar <duration> <time to start> [ <an optional name> ] – Begins a word war that will last <duration> minutes, starting in <time to start> minutes. Optionally, you may name your war.
    Example: !startwar 15 2 My Word war
  • !endwar <name> – Will cancel a word war with <name>, even if it’s in progress.
  • !listwars – Lists wars in progress in this room.
  • !listall – Lists all wars in progress that Timmy knows about.

Timmy also knows a bunch of other, questionably useful commands. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • !boxodoom <difficulty> <duration> – Difficulty is one of easy, average or hard, duration is a number of minutes. Timmy will give you a Word count for you to challenge within that time.
    Example: !boxodoom easy 5
  • !commandment – Provides you with one of NaNoWriMo’s Commandments.
  • !credits – Prints out info about who made Timmy.
  • !d<number> – Rolls a dice with <number> sides and tells you the result.
    Example: !d6
  • !dance – Makes Timmy bust a move.
  • !defenestrate [ <target> ] – Will make Timmy hurl someone out a window…
  • !eggtimer <duration> – Will set a timer lasting for <duration> minutes. When the time is up, Timmy will buzz you to say it’s done.
  • !eightball [a question . . . ]  – Will provide you with a possibly nebulous answer to a question.
  • !8-ball – an alias for !eightball, if you hate typing.
  • !foof [ <target> ] – Will cause Timmy to fling a pillow at someone.
  • !fridge [ <target> ] – Will cause Timmy to throw a fridge at someone.
  • !get [ some item . . . ] – Timmy will get an item for you. If you don’t specify something, he will pick an item for you at random.
  • !getfor <someone> [ some item . . . ] – Timmy will get <someone> an item you specify, or a random item.
  • !help – Will display a smaller selection of commonly used commands in the chat, if you forget.
  • !settopic some topic . . . – If able, Timmy will set the topic of the room to something you specify, and tag it with your name.
  • !sing – Makes Timmy sing.
  • !summon [ something . . . ] – Timmy will perform a summons on whatever you specify, or will attempt to call up a random entity.
  • !woot – makes Timmy cheer.