How is your NaNo novel coming along this month? Have you reached the halfway mark of 25,000 words? Maybe you’ve been ambitious and already reached the 50,000-word goal, as some of our local Wrimos have done. Or maybe you’re not as excited about your story as you were at the start of the month and you’re struggling to get the daily 1,667 words out.

Whatever state you and your novel are in, VancoWrimo is here to help with write-ins, beads, and writing prompts!


If you need some inspiration and fellow writers to keep you accountable to your writing goals, try attending a write-in!

BPL Write-In Maple Ridge Write-In Coffeeholic Write-In PMPL Write-In

There are plenty of library and coffee shop write-ins where Wrimos meet each week to work on their novels and encourage one another to keep going. If you get stuck on a scene or don’t know what your character should do next, ask the group for suggestions. These write-ins can also turn into interesting discussions that are great fuel for plot creation. Check out this week’s event listings for more info.


For those who need a reward to stay motivated, try collecting beads from VancoWrimo write-ins and events!

NaNo Beads

You get to choose a bead from our assorted collection when you reach certain goals, such as:

  • hitting a word count (5K, 10K, 25K, 50K)
  • checking out a write-in in person (Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Vancouver) or online in the IRC
  • attending an event (Last Ditch Write-In, TGIO Party)
  • checking in with an ML to let them know how you’re doing on your NaNo project
  • and other tasks listed on the VancoWrimo Bead Guide

Collect a few beads or fill an entire necklace, it’s up to you.


Still not sure what to do with your NaNo novel? Try a writing prompt:

  • Your lead character just won the lottery during whatever scene you last wrote. Where are they and how did they take the news?
  • Your lead character and a side character switch places. How does that work out for them? Does the side character step up to be a hero? Can the lead character handle being stuck on the sidelines?
  • Send your main characters to a desert island and see how they survive. Do they make it until they can be rescued? If rescue comes, do they want to go home or are they happy on the island?

See you at 50K, Wrimos!