We’re hurtling toward NaNo inescapably now, and the proof is in the number of Events coming up soon!
First is the Meet ‘n Greet, held on Oct 18 at the Hudson’s Bay Food MartDowntown, deep in the underbelly of the store, right next to the Granville Skytrain, Granville Street Exit. Be there at 1:00pm on Sunday if you want to meet the crazy people of Vancouver NaNo
Don’t worry if you’re not sure if we’re right for you, we pick open locations so you can scope us out discreetly before approaching.

Be a Novelist. Do it in 30 days. 
We guarantee you’ve never felt such a rush.

After that event there will be a secret Crafty Preparation Session held somewhere secret, to do secret things in secret. 
So don’t spoil it, OK? Hey, come along if you like. 
Only one short week later we are KICKING IT OFF at Moose’s Down Under, again downtown, again in the bowels undercarriage of the city, at our very favourite traditional venue. Check it out, there’s a gluten-free menu and everything. There we will introduce everyone to everyone, eat well and enjoy some games and make some Announcements of Import
One week from then, a hush will descend on us all, and the countdown will commence to our yearly writing frenzy.
The calendar is nearly complete with Amazing Write-Ins over Seven Cities, and by then we will have gathered the stoutest-hearted, mostfearless WordWarriors to enter our yearly WordWarGames against our traditional Enemies once again*. 
They’re already storming our forum with their big talk and trying to intimidate us! 
            We are SO going to GET THEM this time!! ROAR!!!
But first, on Oct 29th our new writing partner, The Vancouver Public Library, has a Gear-Up event to hype you even more.
Check out their writing space, it’s beautiful and all ours every Sunday morning in November. 
Writing begins on midnight after All Hallows Eve (Hallowe’en, to be exact) which is known everywhere as the beginning of All Writer’s Day(well, it could be, anyway) and it is traditional to try and get at least 1000 words in before we drop into our restless creative NaNo-sleeps. Often those words are just “I don’t know what to write, why did I join these people, what’s going to happen to me?” but it’s all good.
All words are good.
Then there are FIVE write-ins to start you off on that Sunday, maybe even more by the date. You can even write at home or at your nearest coffee shop, or with a friend, if you can’t get to those. Who knows, you could end up hosting more! Keep us informed. 
We are very pleased to have the Richmond Public Library scheduled one hour after the Vancouver Public Library, for your lunching-and-hopping-on-the-Canada Line convenience. They have a coffee kiosk, wonderful writing room and our new ML Raynie hosting. End your day in Surrey with ML Drakkonn, at his Week’s End Write-In; I guarantee you’ll have more than enough words if you run this trifecta with us every weekend. 
Know that sometime that first Sunday, or the next, while you write your 1667 or more words, the Miracle of NaNo will occur:


    • Your text gets away from you,


    • a character speaks up,


    • a plot twist happens on its own, surprising you,


    • and you realize that your novel isn’t a pile of words any longer, it’s not even a chore; it’s alive! 



If it’s your first time, don’t run away when it happens. Keep going, and enjoy. It will happen again. It’s actual magic. 
The rest of the month is crammed with write-ins, but there’s always room for more: 
On Monday, Nov 2nd, the Burnaby Public Library, at McGill in North Burnaby, has yet another first event to get you going.
Know who Rachel Hartman is? Best-selling YA author of Seraphina and now Shadow Scale, and she will be speaking (and writing) that evening with us! Snacks, WiFi, power, and a view. Don’t miss it!  
Tuesdays we are at the Stormcrow Tavern in East Vancouver, Wednesday the 4th there is a special evening with MLs DSL and Raynieat the Bitter Tasting Room. Keep your hat on, these are Write-Ins, not parties! Well, not exactly.
Thursdays are at the Cloudscape Comics HQ in the middle of Vancouver, where art and writing intertwine inextricably, with ML Raynie. Fridays are at Host Laura’s Cats’ domain in East Burnaby, near Highgate. Saturdays are our Downtown-Drop-In with ML DSL, which lasts until we close down the Take Five Licensed Cafe right next to the Waterfront Exit of the Canada Line Skytrain.

Many words flock to our pages there. 
There are also the traditional highlights of every Vancouver NaNo, theDay we Partake of Sushi, the Day we Drink the Bubbles, and The Day We Hold the Skytrain Hostage while we write, and DSL snoozes (“Ooooooooooo”).

Do NOT miss these days! 
So get ready, and meet us on the 18th of October, when it all starts, or catch up to us on the 25th.
Vancouver MLs DSL, Drakkonn, & Raynie
*this is completely optional, but very welcoming to new novelists this year in particular. 
PS We could really use more volunteer helpers for the Kickoff on the 25th, in particular for tarot story-readings, and any other fund-raising you can think of. We do need a little help covering the FABULOUS PRIZES we ML-volunteers provide every year. Last-minute knitters would also be welcome, particularly if they could start immediately. Please email or message DSL if you can help.