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November is Here!

November has began. It’s time to get out your laptops and pens and write like the wind! Good luck this year and have fun writing everybody. Please visit our calendar for information on events.

Countdown to November

The countdown is on! Less than 24-hours remain until Nanowrimo 2015. Are you ready yet?


Kickoff Party Success!

Yesterday was the Vancowrimo Kickoff party, and the official launch of the 2015 NaNoWriMo Season. It was a great turn out, with nearly 50 in attendance. We had prizes, games, food and met a whole bunch of our fellow writers whom we will be spending November with.
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Upcoming Events: October 24 – 31st

November is almost upon us and that means events are beginning. The first major event is tomorrow!  It’s time to dust off the old laptop and get prepared for another year of writing and fun.

October 25th

  • Kickoff Party @ Mooses Down Under, 1PM, Downtown Vancouver. RSVP Here.

October 29th

  • Gear Up for Nano @ Vancouver Public Library, 7PM.

So far that’s it for October but there’s a write-in almost daily in November so stay tuned for more fun stuff. To see all events that are currently scheduled, please go to our calendar!

October Update: November Nears

We’re hurtling toward NaNo inescapably now, and the proof is in the number of Events coming up soon!
First is the Meet ‘n Greet, held on Oct 18 at the Hudson’s Bay Food MartDowntown, deep in the underbelly of the store, right next to the Granville Skytrain, Granville Street Exit. Be there at 1:00pm on Sunday if you want to meet the crazy people of Vancouver NaNo
Don’t worry if you’re not sure if we’re right for you, we pick open locations so you can scope us out discreetly before approaching.

Be a Novelist. Do it in 30 days. 
We guarantee you’ve never felt such a rush.

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A Late Summer Update

Hello NaNos!

September is upon us! Are all you plotters hard at work outlining?
Pantsers, are you carefully keeping your NaNo projects safely out of mind?


Well, the Municipal Liaisons never stop thinking about NaNo, never stop planning, and never sleep. We’re always preparing for the next year, because you guys are worth it. We can now reveal some of what we’ve accomplished so far:

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