What is a Host?

They’re the extra hands, eyes and ears of the Vancouver MLs.  Since the Vancouver NaNoWriMo region is so large, we hope that by having more people organize and hold write-ins, more of our participants will be able to attend social events, even in more remote areas. They will also be distributing stickers and other handouts for those who were unable to attend the Kickoff. They are only responsible for hosting the event once per week in November and helping participants with questions they are able to answer. Anything else they want to do is up to them.

The year MLs piloted the Mini-Boss program here in Vancouver was a huge success. They almost tripled the number of write-ins over the year before allowing even more people to enjoy the community aspect of NaNoWirMo. We continue this tradition with Hosts, who we are grateful to have helping us.

How do I tell who the Host in my area is?

Once we have finalized a list of Hosts for this year, we will be posting a list here for you to check.

Can I become a Host?

We will issue our official call for volunteers in October. If your neighborhood already has a Host, talk to them directly about helping out. Otherwise, drop the MLs an e-mail about it and we can talk.

We do require a commitment from you. If you can not, for whatever reason, host the one write-in per week every week, let someone else do the job this year. Before applying, be sure that you will be able to conduct yourself appropriately while hosting your event. We also ask that if there is an official (ML-organized) event in your area, you do not host your write-in on that same day so participants don’t have to choose between them. Chances are that the MLs will contact you if this occurs.