What are the Municipal Liaisons (MLs)?

The MLs are volunteers that arrange the NaNoWriMo Kickoff, TGIO (Thank God It’s Over) parties as well as set up local write-ins, social events and send out encouraging e-mails to participants. They are regional emissaries from NaNo HQ and help to bring the fun and wild adventure of novel-writing to communities around the world.
If you have a question about NaNoWriMo in general, head to the forums. If you have a question about NaNoWriMo events in Vancouver, go to your nearest ML.

Keep in mind that the MLs have obligations outside of NaNoWriMo (such as jobs, spouses, families, hobbies, etc), so they can’t be everywhere for everyone all the time. They try, though.

The MLs are asking where I live in a survey! Should I answer?

The reason they are asking this question is to get an understanding of where interested participants live in order to plan for write-ins and other events. If you want official events hosted in your area, you should respond. They don’t want to know your exact address, just the community or area where you are, such as South Granville, Yaletown, Whalley, South Surrey, etc. If you don’t respond, it hurts the chances that the MLs will plan events close to you in the future.